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Christine von der Becke Architects was founded in 1995. Our projects include small and bigger interventions, new houses, offices and furniture design.

Our work is based on the specific conditions each project has. The result is an analysis of these conditions: program, surroundings, budget, users, light,...but also more subjective elements like feeling, warmth, comfort, touch, sensuality. We want to include in our projects a way of life, and not only a rational solution. Our way of thinking architecture might be seen as traditional in a way that we don’t want to make fashionable buildings. We think architecture is to last, and to give living new opportunities for each generation. Future buildings must have a soul that inspires the users and invites them to live in. We, as architects, don’t need to decide this life.

Our inspiration is to think sober, to reduce. Sober works often have a strong appearance.

To achieve our realizations  we trust  in the source of inspiration of our colleagues architect and interior architects.

Together we add our values to obtain the best we can.





Back in 1995 Christine set up her independent office for architecture in co-working with interior architect Nathalie Van Reeth.

Together they’re sharing a place and a team.





our team

team: Christine von der Becke / Anne Lies Torfs / Justine Kegels